Free Terra Battle energy, items in honor of Hironobu Sakaguchi

Head inside for your Terra Battle code good for 5 energy, 2 animatons and 10 serenity shoots.

iPhone sales outperform Samsung in Q4

It took one of the best quarters in Apple history to pull it off.

iPhone 6 case review: Moshi Kameleon kickstand case

I’m astonished to find a kickstand that works in both positions.

Apple Watch retail plans will have fitness focus

Retail plans for the Apple Watch will focus on fitness, bands, and iPhones.

Apple hiring its Silicon Valley security team

Apple has faced complaints from unions and workers in the past due to its use of contractors.

Safari vulnerable with SSL flaw

It’s called FREAK, and it’s the NSA’s fault, it would seem. Thanks, guys.

Gene Munster: 10,000 Apple Watch Editions to be sold in the first year

He also predicts they’ll start at $4,999.

Free Shovel Night expansion coming in a few months

From GamerTell Shovel Knight is getting a free expansion. We all get to be Plague Knight! Read the full post on GamerTell »

The 5 best iOS games made with the Unreal Engine

The following is our list of examples of the Unreal Engine at its best on the small screen.

Power-saving mode said to be on Apple Watch

Every bit of extra life will be nice to have during the day.

9 million more using connected TVs

From EntertainmentTell The number of consumers using connected TVs is growing fast Read the full post on EntertainmentTell »

iPhone 6 case review: STM dux

Even if you’ve become leary of TPU cases, this is one you should still check out.