Edifier releases Spinnaker Bluetooth speaker system

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Edifier Spinnaker Bluetooth Speaker

If you’ve been looking for a Bluetooth speaker system that could double as lawn decorations or reserve jai alai xisteras, Edifier’s Spinnakers are likely not the way to go, as they cost $350. But if you want “… an iconic sail inspired design and crystal clear sound reproduction,” have at it.

Edifier Spinnaker Bluetooth SpeakerThe unique shape of the CES Innovations Award-winning Spinnaker is designed to project sound towards the listener with front facing tweeters and mid-range drivers, reinforced with a downward firing bass driver in each speaker. A2DP and AVRCA Bluetooth capability, a USB rechargeable wireless remote, optical and auxiliary inputs, six channel digital crossover, a tri-amped speaker and more creates a highly functional “… sensory experience unlike any other.”

Spinnaker Shape – The sail inspired design enhances the sound in a number of ways. By using a tapered cylindrical shape, internal standing waves and resonances are unable to collect to a measurable degree in any area within the enclosure, and in fact cancel themselves out at various frequencies. Additionally, the aluminum frame paired with internal damping materials reduces unwanted enclosure vibration. The result is a more lifelike and accurate sound presentation for the listener.

Tri-Amping – A technique commonly used in large-scale sound amplification for concerts, Tri-amping is the practice of connecting three audio amplifiers to a loudspeaker unit: one to power the bass driver (woofer), one to power the mid-range and the third to power the treble driver (tweeter). A single amplifier can typically power a woofer, mid and tweeter only through a crossover filter, which protects each driver from signals outside its frequency range. However, the crossover itself wastes power, so tri-amping is a way to avoid this problem.

Electronic Crossovers – Possible phase shifts from a passive crossover are eliminated by using DSP electronic crossovers within Spinnaker’s amplifiers. In addition, Edifier engineers have freed up valuable internal space within Spinnaker by eliminating a large passive crossover printed circuit board, with coils, capacitors and resistors. The more internal air volume available, the better and deeper the bass can become.

The Spinnaker Bluetooth speaker system is available now in black and burgundy for $349.99 from Edifier and retailers across North America.

And yes, I did have to look up the term xistera when covering this release.

Product [E30 Spinnaker Bluetooth stereo speaker system]


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