Apple reminds users of the end of the iWork Beta

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As we get closer to the end of July, Apple is sending gentle reminders to its customers that the services will be shutting down for good on July 31st. The reminder was sent out as an email by Apple, warning users that when iWork does shut down, “… you will no longer be able to access any of your stored documents on the public beta site or view them on the web.”

Apple suggests sign into their iWork account and safely retrieve stored documents. In order to do so, simply head to website and start downloading all your files or documents to your computer. Apple has provided a guide on their support site detailing how to retrieve your documents from

The service launched back in 2009 to allow users to save documents online in a way that can be shared with other users who were using different platforms, even those using Windows and/or Microsoft Office. When Apple unveiled iCloud, it started offering newer and easier options to transfer files or documents, so ultimately Apple decided to terminate the program.

Apple encourages users to switch to iCloud, which will give you access to all your documents on all Apple devices, including on the iPhone and iPad.

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  • Vern

    What about sharing with specific users, comments, and compatibility with MS Office? ROCKED… iCloud is another example of taking away features in a new version (they did the same with Mobile Me Galleries to Photostream.. It’s great for one person but not to share with others :( What are you thinking Apple?

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