Free Apps Roundup for July 27, 2012

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This week on the Free Apps Roundup: If you’ve ever wanted to be a rocket scientist (who hasn’t?), it’s your lucky day. With Rocket Race, you can be a virtual rocket scientist. You get to build, launch and pilot your rocket as far as possible. Or maybe you’re on vacation somewhere in America at this very moment. Wouldn’t it be nice to have info about the historic locations around you? The History Channel thought so. I also found a super simple QR code app that’s all you need to make use of QR codes and nothing more. Check it out.

The Top Three:

  • Rocket Race – This game will have you building, launching and piloting virtual rockets. You’ll be dodging obstacles and collecting bonuses and extra parts in an attempt to make it higher. How could this not be fun?
  • History Here – Take with you an interactive pocket guide to thousands of historic locations across the US. It’s an easy-to-use app that gives you access to tons of media and information about the historic locations all around you. It’s brought to you by the History Channel, and they’re adding more content all the time.
  • QR Code Simple – So you’ve probably seen QR codes everywhere by this point. Whether you like them or not, they seem to be here to stay, so you might as well make use out of them. This app does QR codes without doing anything else, which is a good thing. Just launch the app, point, click and enjoy whatever it is you scanned. Until Apple builds QR code recognition into, this is a good choice.


  • Jelly Jumpers – Challenge yourself to get as high as possible in this vertical platform jumping game.
  • Relevance – It’s a social media hub utility that aggregates the most interesting and relevant info from your Facebook and Twitter news into one app.

Free for a limited time:

  • BLiP – Tumble, bounce and slide BLiP through a dangerous atmospheric world full of platforms.
  • Chess CS – Yet another free chess game.
  • Anagramma Pro – Enter in some letters and it’ll return possible words by rearranging the letters.
  • Quick Brightness – Quickly change the brightness level on your iOS device with a dedicated app.
  • Astro Bang HD – It’s a little like asteroids on a 3D planet. Actually, it’s exactly like that.
  • Reversi – Also known as Othello, this board game is simple to learn, but hard to master.
  • Burger Cat – Cats love cheeseburgers, apparently. Now ou can use logic and skill to help Burger Cat solve puzzles on his way to those delicious cheeseburgers.
  • Catapult King – It’s like Angry Birds in 3D, sort of. You must rescue the princess from the dragons by way of your catapult. Who cares if it doesn’t make sense?
  • Groove 2 – If you don’t know what to listen to, let Groove 2 help you figure it out. With just a few taps, it’ll sort your music library and suggest what to listen to.
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