Google brings 3D maps to iOS with Google Earth app

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Google has updated their Google Earth maps app for the iOS platform, bringing its new 3D maps feature—which the company calls “the next dimension of Google Maps”—to iOS.

According to Google’s statements:

Google today is updating its Google Earth app on Apple’s platform to include the same 3D imagery it showed off in early June. That same feature rolled out to users on Google’s Android in late June.

iOS users are getting those same 14 regions, including Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston and others. As Google adds more 3D cities to its database, both those platforms will get them at same time.

Google Earth v7.0.0 now offers similar 3D imagery to what we’ll get in Apple’s Maps app in iOS 6. Google Earth also adds a new “tour guide” feature, something many Android users have enjoyed for months.

Google’s Earth is available now for download in the App Store. Note, however, that while the app is compatible with older iOS devices, only the latest iPhone 4S, iPad 2, or third-generation iPad can take advantage of the new 3D feature.

Via [Google’s Official Blog]

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