iPhone not causing Duke Wi-Fi problems?

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dukeAfter posting earlier this week that the iPhone was the cause of Wi-Fi malfunctions on campus, Duke tech administrators are taking some of the blame away from the iPhone. Earlier, the admins claimed that some iPhones were contacting the access points up to 18,000 times per second for around 10 to 15 minutes. They reported that they had a support ticket open with Cisco, Duke’s router of choice, which turned into a support ticket with Apple.

“We are presently looking into it and we have not been able to conclusively pinpoint where the problem is,” said Julian Lombari, assistant vice president of academic services tech support. He also reports to have this all fixed within the hour, which was said at 12:58PM ET. No reports yet on whether this has been fixed yet or not.

Now all you consumers who have been hasty to use your iPhone on your WiFi connection in fear of it taking the network down, you have a little less to worry about now.

Via [Macworld]

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