Croon Audio unveils The Original Bluetooth speaker system

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Croon Audio The Original

Want to own The Original Bluetooth speaker system without actually owning the original Bluetooth speaker system? It gets confusing, I know, but I don’t name these things, I just tell you about them. And so, here’s CROON Audio’s Bluetooth sound system—The Original—which makes connecting to Bluetooth devices easier than ever while providing “… unmatched wireless sound performance and design.”

The Original merges modern electronics with wood craftsmanship in a 10.5″ x  8″ x 3.5″ speaker that balances contemporary and traditional styles. The speaker housing is made of 8mm MDF (Medium-Density fiberboard) manufactured wood. Two 2.5″ forward facing Full Range Drivers have been matched to an acoustic amplifier providing 15 watts per channel with minimal vibration frequencies thanks to two isolation cones placed strategically in a tripod pattern at the bottom corners of the sound system.

Bluetooth connectivity provides compatibility with iPads, iPhones, your Mac, Kindle, and more, and the system can be controlled via the connected touch screen device. Apparently, eliminating the volume control component from the inside of the casing reduces the noise in the circuit, allowing the music to be heard more clearly. Who knew? Other than the Croon engineers, of course.

The Original is available now in Original Black for $199.99, White on White or Grey Agent for $229.99, or the limited edition Lady in Red for $234.99.

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