First episode of Walking Dead: The Game now on iOS

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Telltale Games’ adaptation of The Walking Dead does a great job of marrying an old-school point-and-click adventure with a dark, mature story; the first two episodes of the game have impressed me with their visual design, writing, and gameplay. Previously available as Mac and PC apps, the series is now available on iOS with the release of episode one, “A New Day.”

In the game, you play Lee Evans, a former college professor who murdered a senator and is on his way to prison. When zombies start roaming the earth, Lee is freed, but freed into a world where civilization has collapsed and other human beings might be a bigger threat than the undead.

For more on the structure of the games, check out the Appletell reviews of Episode One and Episode Two (“Starved for Help”).

Based strictly on the screenshots, it looks as though the interface has been modified slightly to take advantage of the iOS touch interface, with swiping motions for combat and other interactions, and large boxes for dialogue choices.

The first episode is available now for $4.99. The rest of the episodes (five total) will be available as in-app purchases, or you can pre-order the series (again, via in-app purchase) now for $14.99.

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