Apple airs new commercials during Olympic Games

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Whereas Apple has recently focused solely on their iOS devices in TV spots, they’ve shifted their attention back to the Macintosh with a campaign that shows off their OS X software. Apple’s new TV commercials airing during coverage of the 2012 Olympic Games in London feature an Apple Genius from the Apple Stores.

In these spots we see the Apple Genius in action in three different situations, assisting customers with various tasks centered around iPhoto, Keynote, and—oddly—the iOS Cards app.

The commercials have been uploaded for your viewing pleasure on Apple’s YouTube channel and on Apple’s Website:


An Apple Genius shows a fellow passenger how easy it is to make great home movies with iMovie, all before the tray tables are returned to their upright position and the plane arrives at its destination.


An Apple Genius points out there are a lot of things that separate a Mac from an ordinary computer, such as the great apps that come built in.

Labor Day

This TV ad shows an expectant Father knocking on the Apple employee’s door at 4am in the morning, asking for assistance with a few letter-press cards to announce the birth of his child.

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