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What is it?

Voice Builder is a vocal exercise guide geared toward increasing your range and vocal control. The screen has a simple and easy to understand layout. The menu offers a handy guide, where each detail is clearly identified with text describing each feature of the main screen.

Voice Builder

Voice Builder even starts with a slide show with an audio track to describe the process and how to use the app. If the main screen instructions aren’t clear, the app has a set of built in video clips of Mr. Catona personally demonstrating each exercise.

How does it work?

Fire up the app and sing along. Well, it’s almost that easy; there are some decisions you have to make. On the menu, you get to select your gender, vocal range, and what kind of exercise you would like (singing or speaking voice). You also have access to the user guide. You can choose between auto program and manual modes. If you want to strike out on your own you can select your own set of vowel sounds and range to practice.

Voice Builder

The app, when in auto program mode, will step you through a 45 minute vocal work out. The developers know you may not have the time or endurance (especially as a beginner) to do vocal exercises for 45 minutes without a break, so the program will remember where you pause each session. When you are ready to resume from the previous day’s session, just reopen the app and touch the play button and you can pick up where you left off.

Voice Builder

By the way, you may want to find somewhere remote (or soundproofed); the exercises require some significant volume on your part.

Is it contagious?

The app is straightforward and useful, but I’m not sure about the $4.99 price tag. There is a visual representation of a human head to show you how to shape your vowel sounds but the heads wire frame look is a bit like Lawnmower Man. Also, the multicolored, blinking marquee lights around the head are a bit gaudy.

All things considered, Voice Builder is useful as a way to maintain a regular vocal exercise pattern, but it isn’t a “must have” kind of tool.

Category: Music
Developer: Gary Catona
Cost: $4.99
Download: Voice Builder

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