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When it comes to video recorders for your iPhone or iPad, there are a whole lot of choices out there. So, in order to beat these and Apple’s built-in option, video apps have to do something cool.  Today, we are going to explore one of those choices—Lapse It—so you can see for yourself whether you want it.

What is it?

Lapse ItLapse It takes the unique charm of time lapse video making to the simplest level.  Basically, the app takes photos at certain intervals and strings them into a stop motion video for you. No fussing, no figuring out how to time all of your stills when you take shots, and no pushing your iMovie skills to their limits only to get an inferior product.

How does it work?

Making a video with LapseIt is so simple that even a kid could do it; just tap the capture button. That been said, for adults there is a wide selection of options to alter your video. Intervals between images can be altered in milliseconds, seconds or minutes, depending on how fast you think the action will go.  Resolutions range between 360p and a respectable HD 1080p.  Camera style manual controls exist for exposure, focus, while balance and flash, though in most cases the default is best.

LapseItIn the actual settings menu there are even more choices for either .mp4 or .mov encoding, number of frames per second, and adding or taking off the apps special end tag. The gallery lets you see your videos (under the “my gallery” tab) or other user-shared Lapse it videos.

There are some cool effects you can use, and and you can add the songs you have on your ipHone.  Sharing is enabled for Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo if you want to show your masterpiece to your fans.

Is it contagious?

Yes. Trust me, your friends, family and pets will be much funnier in stop motion…doubly so if they do not happen to know they are being filmed.

Category: Photo and Video
Developer: Mauricio Rubrico
Cost: Free
Download: Lapse It

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