HumanToolz Mobile Stand: A new iPad kickstand on Kickstarter

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This just in from Kickstarter: a slim, svelte, aluminum kickstand designed to complement your iPad (3rd gen only at the moment). Designed by an award-winning team and meant to perfectly complement your iPad’s aesthetic by being functional and not ugly, the HumanToolz Mobile Stand brings a level of versatility and elegant design not seen in other iPad stand cases.  If the project meets its funding goal on Kickstarter, the HumanToolz stand could be yours as early as October.

HumanToolz Mobile Stand


Unlike other iPad stand cases, HumanToolz is designed to support any angle of viewing. Most cases feature a few positions with some sort of mechanical stop (a slit in the case, a peg to prop the iPad on, etc.). HumanToolz takes a different approach—the case is essentially an aluminum skeleton with a hinged kickstand. The hinge is the key to the whole setup; similar to the hinge found on the MacBook Air, it can be adjusted through any angle but remains in whatever position it is set. There is even a default keyboard angle, which props the iPad at just the right angle for typing (similar to Apple’s Smart Cover). And at only 2.5 oz, the case itself adds a negligible amount of weight.

The HumanToolz stand grips all four corners of the iPad 3 (an iPad 2 model may be created if sufficient demand exists). Silicon bumpers inside the corners provide cushioning support, and the stand is compatible with Apple’s Smart Cover, allowing you to protect the front and sides of your iPad. The HumanToolz also features cutouts for all buttons, switches, and cameras, as well as integrated skid pads to keep your iPad stand from leaving marks on the table. The friction provided by these pads also makes it suitable for use on fabric surfaces, like legs, pillows, couches, etc.

Get it Funded

At the time of writing, the HumanToolz project has 39 days and a bit over $77,000 to go towards their $80,000 funding goal. Pledge levels start at just $1, while the rewards start at the $65 level with one free HumanToolz stand (this represents a pretty hefty discount off the MSRP of $90, and it includes free shipping in the U.S.).  Pledge early to get one, and if you have multiple iPads in your family, bump up to one of the higher giving levels and get a family pack.

The current design is only compatible with the 3rd generation iPad, though HumanToolz has left the door open for iPad 2 support if there is sufficient demand.

Be sure to check out full details of the HumanToolz Mobile Stand over at their Kickstarter page.

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