Magic: The Gathering creator announces Solforge Kickstarter project

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Richard Garfield—best known to us gaming nerds as the creator of the insanely addictive card game Magic: The Gathering—has partnered with Gary Games to develop Solforge, a Digital Collectable Game for iOS. And guess what? They have a Kickstarter going to fund the project! I know, right? What are the chances?

There’s no real description of the game mechanics beyond the fact that cards will transform the more you use them, so you’d start with a dragon egg, which will eventually hatch, then grow into an adult dragon. The developers also promise that in the single-player campaign, your actions can have an effect on the overall store. Interestingly, the game will be free, and players will be able to earn cards through gameplay in addition to in-app purchases of booster packs and expansions.

Gary Games is looking to raise $250k in 40 days. The basic backer level ($5) gets you in on the beta test. At higher levels, you get booster packs for the actual game, custom avatars, and entry into tournaments, along with opportunities to travel to meet the team and to become a character in Solforge itself.

You can learn more about Solforge—including seeing potential artwork for the project—on the Solforge Kickstarter page.

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