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SolaRola is a space blob based puzzle game that will have you rolling all over the place.

What is it?

This is a straightforward motion puzzle game with a little bit of “collect the goodies” thrown in to give you a reason to navigate the obstacle course. The environment is well rendered and the background music is okay, but the “whee” that issues forth from your blob can get a bit annoying.


As you travel around in your space ship you get to collect stuff ranging from rocks to snacks. Sounds like a lark.

How does it work?

You have the option of using the accelerometer to tip your device and set your blob rolling, or you can use onscreen buttons. I used the button method so the description of the action throughout this review will be button oriented. There are only three controls: left, right, and jump. As you roll along, you will need to jump over obstacles—such as blob dissolving goo—or you may just need to jump to make it up the incline. Be very careful of the goo; it doesn’t just start melting you; it blows you into little blobules…


Collect the “a-star-roids” for extra points, but don’t forget to get what you came for (it will be hard to forget since you can’t complete the level without your objective…). The game will provide you aids as well as obstacles. Some of these include tufts of turf you can push onto the goo so you have a safe place to jump, carts you can jump on and ride over the goo, buttons you can jump on to dispense bombs to eliminate obstacles, etc. Since you are only a blob, all you need to do to finish the level is either arrive at the objective or roll/push something to the objective. Easy.

After the first couple of warm up levels, there will be respawn points so you don’t have to do the entire level all over again should you hit the goo and de-blob (a very welcome feature).


Is it contagious?

SolaRola is not a bad little game. You get six chapters, each with ten sections so you can keep your thumbs busy for a while. As mentioned, the “whee” your character utters each time it jumps gets annoying, but you can turn the volume off and still enjoy the game. The path you need to take is fairly evident, so there is not a lot of frustrating poking around just to figure out where you should be going. All things considered it’s a good game and a bit of fun.

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Seller: Square Enix
Cost: $0.99
Download: SolaRola

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