Three Mac apps to help organize your major life changes

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When it comes to making real changes in your life, there are a lot of ways you can go. And sometimes a good piece of software can help you to do it better and get further. That’s why we’re going to take a look at some of the best OS X apps for helping you to make a major life change. I won’t say these bits of software for your Mac will make the transition simple, but they may make it smoother.

Day One  ($4.99)

If your project is self-improvement, this journaling app will help you to keep track of your progress. A good, all-purpose app like this one can help you to keep track of what you ate, how your feel about your therapy, how many cigarettes you choose to smoke in a single day.

Day One

Tracking all of your progress can help you to see just how far you’ve come and to see where you need to improve.

Bento 4 ($49.99)

If you need some organization to help as you make your big plans—such as going back to college, opening a small business or just about anything else that needs planning, managing contacts, or other complex tasks—then Bento will keep you organized and up to date.

Bento 4

AudioNote ($2.99)

Matching your notes to voice clips or other audio files can help you to get what you need. If your big change is more about reaching a big goal, like writing your first book, going back to college, or starting a business, then keeping your ideas on paper, and in audio is a good way to go.

Audio Note

There you have it. Some of these will be invaluable as you bring your project to fruition and get to see the results.

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