Apple airs new iPad commercial: “All On iPad”

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Apple has released a new iPad TV commercial, “All On iPad,” making a total of three television ads that Apple focuses on the 3rd generation iPad. Apple continues the trend of their previous commercials, discussing the various capabilities and apps that run on the device.

The TV ad voice narrates the following:

Read it. Tweet it. Be surprised. Be productive. Make a sale. Make some lunch. Make it a movie night. Play a game, or an old favorite. Do it all more beautifully, with the retina display, on iPad.

Apple is stressing the importance of the high-quality Retina display, and in each of their TV commercials they highlight many people tweeting, having a FaceTime chat conversation, browsing the web, painting, reading, and looking at recipes.

This commercial has made its way to Apple’s YouTube channel and website.

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