Moshi launches new Retina MacBook accessories

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Moshi has been one of our favorite Mac and iDevice accessory makers since we first met them at Macworld Expo a few years ago. So, when they announce a new product line, we take notice. Today’s announcement features their iVisor Pro screen protector and PalmGuard palm rest protector for Apple’s new 15” MacBook Pro with Retina display.

Moshi PalmGuardThe PalmGuard is a wear-resistant thin film solution that protects the MacBook’s palm rest area against the deleterious effects of grease, scratches, smudges, and color-fade that accrete over time. PalmGuard can be removed and reapplied without causing damage to the MacBook or to the palm rest protector itself.

Features include:

  • Color-matched with the MacBook’s aluminum finish
  • Precisely machined to cover the entire palm rest area
  • Comes bundled with a matching protective film for the MacBook’s trackpad
  • Semi-rigid film protects against grease, dust, and stains, scratches and corrosion
  • Durable, can last through multiple re-applications

iVisor Pro

The iVisor Pro utilizes Moshi’s proprietary technology to guarantee a bubble-free installation with minimum effort. It has been updated with a new multilayer coating to ensure screen clarity while reducing glare and effectively relieving eyestrain. The iVisor Pro can be washed and re-applied repeatedly, and has also been surface-treated to deliver enhanced scratch and finger print resistance.

PalmGuard and iVisor Pro for MacBook Pro with Retina display are available now for $23 USD and $39 USD, respectively, at the Moshi online store.

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