SOL REPUBLIC announces Deadmau5-inspired Tracks HD headphones

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SOL REPUBLIC, maker of the Tracks HD headphones, has announced a new designer edition of their cans produced through a collaboration between dubstep DJ Deadmau5 and digital designer Joshua Davis. Designed to echo the deadmau5’s logo, the design matches the expressive sound and visual artistry typical of a deadmau5 show.

For more on the design, be sure to watch the video tour (narrated by the graphic designer) on SOL REPUBLIC’s website.

Described as a “beautiful accident,” the deadmau5 Tracks have an almost fractal beauty about them, featuring a repeating design that seems to be infinitely larger than the surface of the headphones themselves.  The design is an interpretation of the deadmau5 logo fused onto a random-yet-constrained grid layout, and the overall effect feels organic yet technological; almost like the beats in a dubstep track imprinting themselves on the universe in concentric circles.

SOL REPUBLIC has gotten excellent reviews for the sound quality of their Tracks HD cans, and the deadmau5 design borrows the technology while adding custom artwork. With drivers the company calls the V10 Sound Engines, they deliver a driving bass experience worthy of dubstep, along with superlative details in the rest of the audio range. They even feature an inline three-button remote and mic, so you can use Siri to call up your favorite track or use the headphones to call up one of your contacts. A carrying case is even included to take your headphones on the road.

Available from the Apple Store and at, the deadmau5 Tracks HD retail for $150.

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  • Lachlan

    Just letting this stupid article writer know that deadmau5 is not dubstep he is progressive house. And generally in the dj world dubstep is hated by everyone. And deadmau5 is not a dj.