Appidemic: KooZac for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

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What is it?

KooZac is a combination of Tetris and Sudoku with falling blocks you must place on top of each other to create the target number.

How does it work?


Just as in Tetris, you have to remove the falling blocks before the columns get too tall. You do this by adding the numbers on the blocks vertically to make the target number. You can see the upcoming three blocks and the next three target numbers which enables you to strategize better.

Doing this earns you coins you can use to buy upgrades, such as a points multiplier, the ability to add the blocks horizontally, hints, and automatic creation of the best combination. Unfortunately, these bonuses only last a few levels before you need to buy them again.

In addition to the 60 levels in puzzle mode, you can play an endless stage or connect with Facebook and compete in blitz mode against the world to get the highest score in weekly competitions.

What I found odd is that you can’t modify the levels, such as having negative numbers or multiplying numbers. You only add single-digit numbers, and there’s nothing else you can do with them.

Is it contagious?

KooZac is an interesting concept, but it’s a very simple puzzle game with no variation or different ways of playing. KooZac might be useful as a way of helping teach basic addition, but if you want an engaging math game I’d look elsewhere.

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Seller: Square Enix
Cost: $0.99
Download: KooZac

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