iShower water resistant Bluetooth speaker review

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Category: Water resistant Bluetooth speaker
Developer: iDevices
System Requirements: iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Mac, or any other Bluetooth-equipped device
Price: $99.99
Availability: Out now

If you find your singing in the shower could use some accompaniment (or real music to drown you out*), taking your iPhone into the bathroom is not the wisest idea. Water+expensive electronics rarely get on well together, but in the case of the iShower, a little H20 is no issue.

iShower Mounted in Shower

Take your tunes in the shower, to the pool, or out on the beach, secure in the knowledge that your expensive electronics will survive the harsh environment.

Pair It

Pairing the iShower is simple, if you follow the directions. Failure to follow the directions will result in failed attempts at pairing, because there is an extra button press after the device enters pairing mode (Play/Pause)—the reason for that is explained further on down. From there, it is a simple matter of choosing an audio source on your iPhone/iPad, then safely stowing it away from the water while the iShower ventures forth into danger. Once paired, you can use the iShower’s controls to pause, skip, and adjust the volume of the audio playback.

Unlike other Bluetooth devices, the iShower boasts a range of up to 200 feet. This claim was not put to a stringent test for this review, but the iShower exhibited better range than most Bluetooth devices; at the 50 foot mark there was no noticeable loss of sound quality or increased interference/static. This range means you can leave your phone safely in a car/bag and just take your tunes with you poolside. The conveniently hinged carrying handle doubles as a non-slip tabletop prop, while a self-adhesive mounting bracket holds the speaker snugly on any hard surface. Even the three AA batteries required to run the iShower are included (though at the $100 mark, it is surprising to see a non-rechargeable battery).

Share It

The multistep pairing process for the iShower is a byproduct of the device’s ability to remember up to five paired Bluetooth devices, meaning you can keep your iPhone, iPad, and a few other devices paired, or share your speaker when having a pool party. Multiuser settings in the shower…are well outside the limits of what we can cover in a family-oriented blog. Switching between paired users is as easy as pushing the Forward/Back buttons to cycle through all five paired devices. Obviously only one device can be playing music at a time, but switching devices does not require re-pairing each time. Smart power management is included, so the iShower can turn itself off when no music is playing to save batteries.

Bare It

iDevices lists the iShower as being water-resistant, meaning it can handle getting splashed, spritzed, or sprayed, but not fully submerged (it is not waterproof).  In testing, the iShower was unfazed by casual splashing from kids in a pool, soap and water in a shower, or a sudsy rinse on a kitchen sink’s backsplash.  Sound quality is acceptable and performs well without noticeable distortion at most volumes, though cranking up a bass-heavy track does cause distortion.  The iShower is not an ideal choice for poolside raves, but it is perfect for casual listening to a variety of music.

All in all, the iShower is a solid little speaker that lets you not only take your music to new places, but even lets you control it. iDevices has created a solid little speaker that handles multiple users with aplomb, which is perfect for a family bathroom or friends by the pool.  And the best part is never having to worry about giving your iPhone a bath!

*No neighbors were harmed in the performance of this review.

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iShower Review

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