Free Apps Roundup for August 24, 2012

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This week on the Free Apps Roundup: Have you ever just wanted to see Obama and Romney fight it out? In super cartoony style? Great, because the makers of Infinity Blade wanted to make that happen with VOTE. It’s a funny game that pits Obama and Romney against each other, but also educates you about the presidential race to encourage you to be an informed voter. In other news, Facebook completely rewrote their iPhone app, and boy is it fast. And if you are wondering whether those clouds outside are going to rain on you anytime soon, Sky Motion can tell you.

The Top Three:

  • VOTE!!! – Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat or just sick of politics, you probably wouldn’t mind seeing Obama and Romney go head to head in a cartoon political slugfest. This game comes to you via the makers of Infinity Blade, so you know it’s going to be awesome. Plus, it’s in cooperation with Rock the Vote, so they actually want you to learn some about the presidential race and vote when it comes time.
  • Facebook – Just what you needed—another update to the Facebook app for iPhone. But wait, this one is sort of a big deal. They just rewrote the whole thing using Objective-C programming. That’s all. What that means for you is that the new app is about twice as fast as the old one. Some features are even three times as fast. Craziness!
  • Sky Motion – This app attempts to forecast the weather for just the next two hours. This helps the app give you a much more accurate forecast of precipitation. So, if you’re wondering whether it’s going to rain soon, this app is a great utility. If only it supported notifications…


  • One Epic Knight – They are truly going for epic with this game. It’s an endless runner. Run down an endless dungeon dodging danger to get some loot.

Free for a limited time:

  • DocScanner – Turn physical documents into PDFs via your iPhone’s camera.
  • TapToTrack – An expense tracking utility with a slick interface.
  • Math Racer – I’m a huge fan of math games that motivate kids to have fun learning math, and this is one of those games.
  • NodeBeat – A very unique synthesizer.
  • NodeBeat HD – The iPad version.
  • IncrediBooth – Carry a photo booth in your pocket. It has all of the fun of strips of pictures with none of the boxed in boothiness.
  • Castle Man – It’s a 3D game that’s simple and fun. You’re going to be running around a castle, dodging barrels and collecting coins. Plus, the graphics are great.
  • Castle Man HD – The iPad version.
  • HDR FX Pro – If the included HDR image mode isn’t cutting it for you, you can try this app. It does HDR and more. Think Instagram.
  • Converter Plus+ – Units! It’s time for school again, and for many of you that means physics. You’re going to need units and how to convert between whatever it is we use in the USA back to what everyone else uses: Metric. But there are a whole lot more units here, plus a search feature.
  • ReaddleDocs – A document/attachment viewer and file manager.
  • Toca Doctor – Time to play doctor in a safe cartoony way. There are 21 puzzle and mini-games to solve in this physics based cartoony doctor game.
  • Toca Doctor HD – The iPad version.
  • Art of Pinball – The Mummy – Another great realistic 3D pinball game.
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