Final Fantasy Dimensions now available for iOS

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Final Fantasy Dimensions

Square Enix, Inc., right? So awesome. Earlier this week, the interactive entertainment company surprised us all with the release of The World Ends With You: Solo Remix for iOS. Now, they’ve announced the release of Final Fantasy Dimensions for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The opening chapter, “Prologue,” is available for free through the iTunes Store.

Taking us back to the roots of the Final Fantasy series, Dimensions features 2-D pixel art, job-driven character growth, and additional chapters where players can unlock new jobs. Final Fantasy Dimensions was originally released in 2010 in Japan for mobile devices, and has been updated with enhanced graphics and a refined soundtrack to deliver the best of Final Fantasy, retro and fresh alike, for Apple’s iDevices. Additionally, the touch-panel control featuring a sliding control pad is smooth and intuitive, making the game easier to play than ever.

In an age long past, the world was suffocating under the crushing grip of war. Only the efforts of the idealistic Avalonian Empire were enough to bring the warm embrace of peace to the land and lead it toward a new age of prosperity.

Fate itself brought together those whose lives were filled with hope and those whose duty sent them from the harsh north. As they locked eyes, the Crystal shed forth an immense light that filled the land, drowning everything in silence.

Of course, as with most Square Enix games for iOS, there will be some sticker shock. After the free prologue, gamers will pay $2.99 for chapter 1, then $9.99 each for chapters 2 through 4. There’s also the option to purchase the full game up front for $28.99. But hey, you’ve wanted users and developers to take the iPad and iPhone seriously as gaming devices, right? Square Enix is. And the good news is that it’s a universal app—kind of a rarity for Square Enix.

For more information, visit the Square Enix website.

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