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What is it?

Like Instagram for really big nerds, EyeStalk is a photo app that lets you take photos (and video) and apply an effect to them. But rather than making it look like your photos were taken with a box camera in the 70s, EyeStalk makes them look like the people you love are about to be disintegrated by a Dalek, the evil alien cyborgs from Doctor Who.

Eyestalk App

How does it work?

EyeStalk comes with five filters, each of which corresponds to a different episode/era of Doctor Who. “Power” is a black and white filter with video scan lines, “Victory,” “Doomsday,” and “Paradigm” all feature hexscreens and targeting sights (in different colors and styles), but “Doomsday” and “Paradigm” add a fisheye distortion to the center.

Eyestalk App

“Destiny” is a red monochrome filter with grey concentric circles.

The interface for each filter is the same; a simple on/off toggle allows you to switch between photo and video (and another button for SD/HD when shooting in video mode). There’s a button to take a photo without the Dalek effect, and another to upload a photo or video from your library. After you take a picture, you’ll get a preview image of what it’ll look like, and then it’s saved to your library. Processing video can take a while: the website advises it can take up to two minutes for 1 second of video, in my experience converting 20 seconds of video took about 6 minutes.

Is it contagious?

EyeStalk is an app that a lot of love went into. The interface is great and the effects are great. The question you need to ask yourself is, “How many Dalek-themed photos and videos am I going to take in my lifetime?” Unlike, say, Instagram or Hipstamatic, the filters here don’t add a mood to your photos other than, “And here’s what it would be like if a killer cyborg went to the bar last night.”

But EyeStalk is an app made by fans, for fans. The attention to detail is great, and for fans of the Doctor, this app is a lot of fun.

Category: Photo& Video
Developer: Paul Gee
Cost: $1.99
Buy: EyeStalk

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