Edifier Prisma Bluetooth 2.1 speaker system review

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Provides: 2.1 stereo audio playback with Bluetooth capabilities
Developer: Edifier International, Ltd.
Minimum Requirements: Bluetooth audio source or device with 3.5mm stereo output
Price: $129.99
Availability: Now

Those of us who still prefer to do our computer work sitting at a computer desk with a big computer in front of us also still need a set of computer speakers. One of the benefits of a fixed computer setup, after all, is fixed audio. Edifier’s Prisma Bluetooth 2.1 audio system caters to this setup, but with the added benefit of Bluetooth connectivity for your other audio devices.

The Prisma Bluetooth has a curved, modern design to it that’s colored to fit naturally into your Mac desktop setup. The black or silver models sit nicely next to your iMac or MacBook, while the white is a more natural match with your iPhone or iPad.

The satellite speakers come in at 9.21″ tall, 4.65″ deep and 1.78″ wide, while the subwoofer is 7.83″ tall, 11.5″ deep and 9.76″ wide. The speakers are dwarfed by my 27″ iMac, but would look good flanking a smaller monitor. The subwoofer wedges nicely into the corner of my L-shaped computer desk, but you may want to place it on the floor, depending upon your setup. The connecting cables are long enough to allow this, including that of the wired controller, which you’ll want to keep handy for volume control, the headphone jack and the auxiliary input.

Edifier Prisma Bluetooth speaker system

So, the aesthetics are fine. The audio, however, isn’t as impressive as I’d hoped for a speaker system at this price. You can check the full specs at Edifier’s website if you want to see the numbers, but my general complaint is that I was hoping for a clearer, richer sound. The 48 total watts (30 watt subwoofer and two 9 watt satellites) are plenty powerful enough, but the mids and highs come through muddled together. The subwoofer has a separate volume knob so you aren’t overpowered by the bass (especially helpful for adjusting it for desktop or floor placement), and that helped a bit. The balance was good for games and movies, but I prefer a cleaner sound with music, which is mainly how I used them.

The Bluetooth capabilities may help you look past this, however. The Bluetooth receiver is permanently on, so pairing a device is as simple as telling it to search for a Bluetooth device and selecting Edifier E3350. You’ll know the connection is made when the power light on the subwoofer and the halo on the wired volume control switch from deep orange to blue (both colors do a great job of reminding you to turn off the power when you’re done with the system). I found it handy for playings music from my iPhone without having to connect it to the computer, and the Bluetooth made my iPad gaming sound a lot better. Also, the 30 foot connection meant I wouldn’t lose the pairing when taking my phone to most other rooms in the house.

For $130, you can get better audio out of a desktop speaker system. You may not get Bluetooth capabilities, however, and you may not get such a sharp design. As such, you’ll want to be sure you’ve decided what’s important to you before you decide on Edifier’s Prisma Bluetooth 2.1 speaker system.

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Edifier Prisma Bluetooth 2.1 speaker system review

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