PAX Prime 2012: Arcen Games’ OS X lineup

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Arcen Games will soon release Shattered Haven, a top-down, 2D, action-adventure, mildly rogue-ish game. They’re also updating the graphics of their 2D side-scroller A Valley Without Wind.

Arcen Games - A Valley Without Wind

Arcen Games has been working on revamping the graphics to A Valley Without Wind, their 2D side-scrolling action game that combines tactical combat and city building. The graphical update will be free for all existing and future players.

In A Valley Without Wind, the world has suffered an ice age, and civilization is emerging. Time and space are merged together, and you’re the hero who will save the world from the warlords who have taken over. There’s a lot of exploration, crafting, city building, platform jumping, spells casting, and more.

Go to the A Valley Without Wind website to get more information on future additions and to download the demo for Mac and PC. You can also like the game’s Facebook page, follow on Twitter, and subscribe to Reddit.

Arcen Games - Shattered Haven

Shattered Haven is set in a world where everyone who dies turns into a Gray, filled only with mindless rage. Humans are isolated and survive as best they can, separated from each other by violent animals and a decaying world. You live on a five-acre farm whose peace is shattered by the arrival of a refugee and her son. Now your daughter is missing and you’ll do whatever it takes to get her back.

Every level has items you use to kill all of the Grays to continue on your journey. Only some of them will hurt the Grays — water is deadly, fire consumes them, and iron is poisonous. After you complete each of the over 100 levels, there are optional objectives that are revealed which will increase your score if you re-do the level.

If you don’t want to face the Grays on your own, Shattered Haven will support local two-player co-op using gamepads or keyboards. With the level editor, you’ll be able to make levels, cutscenes, or entire adventures and share them with your friends.

Shattered Haven is a game that rewards you for thinking strategically and using everything you find to your advantage.

Shattered Haven is expected to have a public beta in September 2012 before the official release in November 2012.

Go to Shattered Haven’s website for more information, like the game’s Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter.

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