LaCie boosts 2big and 4big Quadra with USB 3.0 speeds

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LaCie 2big and 4big Quadra

LaCie added USB 3.0 technology to their 2big and 4big Quadra external hard drives and optimized performance with new Mac computers. Thanks to USB-Attached SCSI Protocol (UAS) compatibility and 7200 rpm hard drives, they reach speeds of up to 245 MB/s and can transfer 10 GB of data in less than one minute.

The LaCie 2big and 4big Quadra USB 3.0 offer seamless cross-platform compatibility with both Mac and PC. They’re backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and have two FireWire 800 connections that enable the user to daisy chain additional external storage or A/V peripherals.

These hard drives feature state of the art cooling systems and are engineered to be quiet, which makes them ideal for even the most noise-sensitive working environment. The LaCie 2big Quadra’s USB 3.0 custom designed cooling system includes an innovative heat-dissipating aluminum casing, a completely redesigned fan, and jumbo heat exhausts. The LaCie 4big Quadra USB 3.0 incorporates the Noctua cooling system that offers superior pressure and airflow performance.

LaCie 2big and 4big Quadra USB 3.0 drives feature:

  • USB 3.0 Speed — Up to 245 MB/s
  • Quad-interface for PC and Mac compatibility
  • RAID and hot-swap for speed or security
  • Fast mode — RAID 0
  • Safe mode — RAID 1 (LaCie 2big Quadra only), RAID 5 (LaCie 4big Quadra only)
  • Hot swappable drives
  • Eco mode
  • Aluminum enclosure and quiet operation
  • Kensington lock compatible

The 2big and 4big Quadra USB 3.0 drives will be available in October 2012. The LaCie 2big Quadra will be available in 4 TB or 6 TB capacities starting at $499.00. The LaCie 4big Quadra will be available in 8 TB or 12 TB capacities starting at $1,099.00.

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