Simple is Beautiful – Stripe iPhone 4/4S case review

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Provides: Back and screen protection for iPhone 4/4S
Developer: Bling My Thing
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S
Price: $41.99 to $47.99
Availability: Now

Bling My Thing’s Simple is Beautiful collection is diverse line of plastic cases that use Swarovski Elements and color to bring a bit of elegance to your iPhone. They provided us a Stripe review unit, so we’re focusing on that model here, but if bling is your thing you’ll want to check out the other Simple is Beautiful options, as well…especially if you’re into butterflies.

The Stripe model comes in six variations, alternating between clear and metallic mirror finishes, and varying the Swarovski Elements in each. “Elements” is the operative term here, as these are not crystals. That’s probably for the best, though, as we’re looking for bling, not debt.

Simple is Beautiful - Stripe iPhone 4/4S case

The Elements are laid out in three straight, centered columns with a break around the Apple logo. It’s a subtle design that lets the shine of the Elements do the talking, and I found it equally interesting on the black and white iPhone models. The Elements pop more on the black, but look more natural on the white. Either way, the effect works. They bumps take a while to get used to when using the phone, especially when holding it for texting or gaming, but they don’t annoy.

Simple is Beautiful - Stripe iPhone 4/4S caseOur clear plastic review model had enough bend to it to go on and off easily, which is a nice break from some of the other plastic cases I’ve reviewed lately. The top and bottom are open for easy access, but the mute switch and the volume up button were a bit harder to reach on my AT&T iPhone. Again, nothing you can’t get used to.

The clear plastic is scratch resistant, but scuffs will appear over time. So will finger prints, and the Elements make it harder to wipe them away. These show up less on the white iPhone than the black, but are noticable on both. Thankfully, Bling My Thing includes a microfiber cleaning cloth as well as a “bubble-free” screen protector. So, you’re getting full protection, but only from basic scratches and scuffs; the Stripe won’t help much against drops.

But if you’re looking at the Simple is Beautiful cases, you’re looking at fashion, we know. I do like the design (in this case, by Japanese designer (Ayano Kimura), and I like that the case is easy to apply and remove. Snap it on for a night on the town, then remove it and go with something more protective when traveling or exercising.

The only real drawback is the price, but you’re paying for the Swarovski name. Fashion hounds are used to that, and if that’s the case with you, there’s nothing here to prevent me from recommending the Stripe Simple is Beautiful iPhone 4/4S case…well, except that the other designs may be more your style.

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Bling My Thing Simple is Beautiful iPhone 4/4S Case review

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