Monster announces ClarityHD Micro Bluetooth Speaker

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Monster has announced another entry into the world of the micro Bluetooth speaker: the ClarityHD Micro. Aimed at audiophiles on the go, the ClarityHD Micro is a combination music speaker and Bluetooth conference call device, with Pure Monster Sound® and a couple of innovative features.Monster Clarity HD White

Sound Engineering

Monster’s engineering prowess can be heard in the ClarityHD Micro. The speaker features the company’s apt-X digital processing to deliver clean and crisp sound, whether from a streaming Bluetooth source (music or phone call) or via the standard wired headphone jack for connecting non-Bluetooth sources. An omnidirectional microphone allows the speaker to act as a conference center, projecting the sound from your call and picking up your voice. The rechargeable lithium battery is good for up to five hours of listening, while interchangeable speaker grilles let you personalize your speaker.


Rather than being content with making just another Bluetooth speaker, Monster has included a couple of truly unique features, which help the ClarityHD Micro stand out from the competition. Rather than relying on complicated buttons or remotes, the speaker features voice command, letting you make and answer calls, play music, and pair the speaker with your Bluetooth music source all with the sound of your voice. The speaker even talks back, to let you know if you’ve successfully paired your devices.

The most interesting innovation Monster has crammed into this tiny speaker is an online update feature, which allows you to (initially) download new voices for the unit’s Voice Control feature. Future updates can be easily downloaded to support new Bluetooth features, add new commands, enhance performance, etc. This is the same approach Apple took with the iPhone, giving users the assurance that their investment will continue to be updated in the future, rather than leaving them with device envy every time an update comes out.

Priced at $220, the ClarityHD Micro is available now. Initially available in black or white with color matched grilles, additional grille colors will be available shortly to let you add personal style to your speaker.

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