Apple lawsuit wrap-up for September 2012

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September saw the return of the infamous patent troll and the continuation of the Apple vs. Samsung war.

  • It was widely reported that Bruce Willis was considering suing Apple to be able to leave his digital music collection in his will when he dies. When someone bothered to actually ask him if it was true, it was discovered that he had no plans on suing after all.
  • Apple is suing, an online Polish grocery retailer, because their logo (see above) bears a resemblance to Apple’s logo.
  • A federal judge in California threw out a case which accused Apple of breaching its warranty by charging for broken glass. Betsalel Williamson filed the lawsuit in January 2011 after dropping his iPhone 4 which damaged the glass. Judge Davila wrote in his order that “It is a well-known fact of life that glass can break under impact, even glass that has been reinforced.”
  • Apple is being sued by Data Engine Technologies LLC, a patent troll, over patents that Apple’s Numbers spreadsheet supposedly uses. The patent covers “system and methods for improved spreadsheet interface with user-familiar objects” which could be just about anything. They’re asking for damages plus interest as well as an injunction on all infringing products.
  • B.E. Technology is suing Apple for infringing two of their patents relating to demographically targeted advertising.
  • Apple and Google are being sued by Unwired Planet, formerly known as OpenWave, over patents relating to cloud messaging, content, and mobile advertising applications. While Unwired Planet used to work on mobile browsing, and they helped to create the original mobile browser protocol known as WAP, they’re now a patent troll.
  • PersonalWeb, a well-known patent troll, is suing Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, Microsoft, and IBM over patents relating to cloud computing and data processing.
  • Sean DeVries is suing Apple because when you ask Siri what the best smartphone, tablet, or computer is, you get an answer from Apple. Sean wants Apple to be more forthcoming with the fact that the answers Siri gives are sponsored by Apple.
  • Mirror Worlds’ appeal seeking $625.5 million in damages from Apple for allegedly infringing three patents was thrown out by the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Mirror Worlds said it owned patents covering Apple’s Cover Flow music browser, Spotlight desktop search tool, and Time Machine.
  • Even though there was a verdict in the Samsung vs. Apple trial, that doesn’t mean the fighting has stopped. Samsung is considering suing over the iPhone 5 and Apple plans to include the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in its lawsuit.
  • Apple won another legal battle against Samsung when the ITC stated that the iPhone and iPad didn’t violate Samsung’s patents.
  • The Korean Fair Trade Commission is investigating Samsung after Apple filed a complaint with them earlier this year. Apple claims Samsung is using its many 3G patents as a legal weapon against its competitors and is not licensing them on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms as it promised.
  • Likewise, Motorola asked the ITC to investigate Apple to see if it’s violating section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 by using patents Motorola owns.
  • HTC accused Apple of violating two of its patents which cover 4G technology. A U.S. trade judge hinted that Apple may not be able to invalidate those patents which may lead to an import ban on the iPad and iPhone 5.
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