Kickstarter Project: Root Cases wooden iPad cases

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Shane and Drew, the duo behind Root Case, have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough money ($3,000) to launch two new wooden cases for your iPad. In a choice of Bamboo or Walnut, the Root Case is a folio-style case with a book binding interior and solid wood exterior sure to draw attention while protecting your iPad.

The case design is simple and functional. A strap out front holds the case firmly shut, while out back there is a cutout lined up with the iPad’s rear camera so you can share via Facetime or snap a pic (the case will not hold the camera at a usable angle in landscape orientation, but you can prop it up in portrait for hands free camera use). Inside, the front flap features magnets to sleep/wake your iPad, and a folder-style sleeve to hold papers.

An internal frame on the case holds your iPad securely with four rubber shock-absorbing covers, while a scooped cutout near the speaker allows sound out (and probably offers some passive amplification, as well). Cutouts are also available for easy access to the iPad’s buttons and headphone jack, ensuring your iPad is functional even when inside the case.

Root Cases’ Kickstarter runs until Friday, October 5, and at the time of publication, the campaign has raised a little under 1/3 of their $3,000 goal. Prizes range from one of the company’s wooden iPhone cases (at the $30 level) to your choice of a Walnut or Bamboo iPad case ($59 early bird special, then $69 after those run out). Check out their Kickstarter page for more photos and all the details.

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