Apple reveals the smaller ”Lightning” dock connector

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Apple has unveiled their new charging dock connector for the new iPhone 5. The new smaller dock connector and cable, named “Lightning,” will be an “all-digital, 8-signal design,” and is 80% smaller than the older 30-pin connector. Apple stated during the event that this new dock connector has helped the company make the new iPhone 5 the thinnest smartphone on the market.

Apple claims they’re creating “a bunch of accessories” that will allow users to utilize their legacy accessories that rely on the old 30-pin dock connector. This will be important, as Lightning is applied to the forthcoming iPod touch and iPod nano updates, as well.

Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller promised that Lightning will be quickly supported by a number of new and old third-party accessory manufacturers including Bose, JBL, and B&W. Unfortunately, pricing and availability of the new cables was not mentioned at the event.

Images via [The Verge]

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