Apple releases My iTunes Widget

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my itunes widgetPossibly in an effort to compete with some social networking ideas Apple has just announced the My iTunes Widget. There are 3 widgets styles that you have to choose from with the option to add them to your website, blog or social networking profile. The widgets will be a nice way to share your recent purchases, music favorites or reviews with others, but will most likely also have an impact on sales for Apple. I am sure there will be plenty of times you will see a recent purchase from someone and decide that you just need that album or song. Either way its a nice way to share your musical tastes with others.

To enable your My iTunes widgets and get the HTML code, just login to your iTunes profile in the iTunes Store and click “Manage My iTunes” to get started. Then just choose the widget you want and you will be given the option for a small, medium or large widget as well as a few color options to choose from. Below is an example of the recent purchase widget, just keep in mind that I also purchase music for my daughter, so the Hannah Montanta tracks are not for me.

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