Apple’s new A6 chip comes with 1GB RAM?

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Apple announced last week that the iPhone 5 will ship with the faster A6 chip. Several tech experts have been trying to analyze the technical specifications of the new chip, speculating that it’s based on a Cortex A15 ARM processor design, which promises much faster performance than the previous chip Cortex A9 designs.

Apple has stated that the A6 chip has twice the CPU power and twice the graphics capacity of the previous generation Apple A5 processor, but it’s still uncertain how many cores the processor could run and what is its specific clock speed. What we may now know is that the new chip packs more memory RAM than the iPhone 4 and 4S which both contain 512MB of RAM.

The image to the right is a chart from Samsung’s 2012 Product Solutions Guide that lists numbers of various chip memory parts. On that specific list, it  lists the iPhone 5’s A6 part number—k3PE7E700F -XGC2—with 8 GB of mobile DRAM, which equals 1GB of RAM.

iFixit, quickly confirmed the new product findings with their experts.

Via [AnandTech]

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