iFixit examines Apple’s new EarPods

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The experts at iFixit got their hands on the new EarPods from Apple and took them apart to examine the internal contents. They found some exciting discoveries that show Apple took great steps to improve the technology over that of their predecessors.

The new design shows greater improvements regarding fit and durability. Apple is now using paper cones inside the speakers, switching from the plastic design used in the older headphones. iFixIt claims that small change on its own might give the headphones better performance in sound quality.

Here’s a quick rundown of the iFixit teardown:

  • The main speaker port faces forward, rather than directly into your ear canal.
  • Apple’s switch to paper-based speaker cones may be the source of their advertised improved low and mid-range response.
  • The new remote is better sealed against water damage, and features strain relief wrapping to increase the life of the cable.
  • Like most speakers, the speakers in the EarPods consist of a diaphragm/cone, a voice coil, a permanent magnet, and a cabinet.
  • Paper speaker cones are more resistant to tearing than plastic, decreasing the likelihood of blowing out your drivers.

Apple is shipping the new EarPods with the iPhone 5, 5th generation iPod touch, and 7th gen iPod nano. Apple is also selling them as a stand-alone accessory at both their retail Apple stores or online for $29 dollars.

Via [iFixit]

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