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Help Dracula run a lavish 5-stake hotel for quirky monsters including Murray the Mummy, Frankenstein and his wife, a family of werewolves, and more from the Hotel Transylvania movie.

Hotel Transylvania Dash

What is it?

Hotel Transylvania Dash is a time-management game where you run a hotel with monsters as guests. If you’ve played other games from PlayFirst such as Diner Dash, Wedding Dash, and Hotel Dash you’ll be familiar with how to play.

How does it work?

In Hotel Transylvania Dash, you assign guests a room (bonus points if you match their color with the room), deliver their luggage, and give them a meal. Then you make sure their every need is met, whether that’s giving them a pillow or cleaning up after a spill. Some guests have quirks that you have to watch out for, such as Frankenstein’s habit of sleep walking or Jonathan’s habit of getting lost in the hotel.

Hotel Transylvania Dash upgrade

The faster you work the happier your guests are, indicated by the number of hearts above their heads, which translates into more tips. If you do the same task multiple times in a row, such as giving five guests their meals before doing any other action, you’ll get bonus tips. After each level you can use the tips to buy upgrades for your hotel, including a faster elevator to go up and down floors, a bigger cart to hold more luggage, and decorations to make your guests happier and patient.

Each wing of the hotel has ten levels which are independent of each other, with 30 levels in total. In other words, you’ll have to buy all of the upgrades for each wing of the hotel separately. While some of the decorations are different, most of the upgrades are the same and there’s not much variation in each level. The difficulty also doesn’t increase much as you get to the later levels.

Is it contagious?

Each of the 30 levels of Hotel Transylvania Dash are rather short, and while there are two additional wings of the hotel available, they cost $0.99 each for 10 levels. Once you pass each level there’s not much reason to go back and replay them.

Fortunately you can download the free version of Hotel Transylvania Dash which comes with 10 of the 30 levels, and if you like it then you can easily upgrade to the deluxe version for the additional 20 levels.

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Cost: $2.99
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