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The Hand Stylus from Hand Design features a slim, retractable, replaceable tip that’s ideal for writing, drawing, or playing games on any touchscreen.

HAND Stylus

What I like most about the Hand Stylus is that it feels sturdy without being heavy, which makes it easy to write with or simply tap on the screen. There’s a textured band near the tip which makes the stylus easy to hold. I have another stylus without that feature and my fingers tend to slip, which makes writing more difficult.

The pocket clip (which is removable) will stick to the iPad Smart Cover and hold it in place, or you could just use the pocket clip to put it on your collar.

The retractable tip means  I don’t have to worry about ruining it when I put the stylus in my backpack. If something does happen to the tip, it’s easily replaceable, which is cheaper than buying a brand new stylus. The tip is also small which makes writing with it feel like I’m writing with an ink pen and much more enjoyable than with other larger stylus tips. It also makes it easier to select text or click on a small link without having to magnify the screen.

The Hand Stylus looks good with a shiny metallic color that’s available in blue, pink, orange, green, red, and black. You can even get it engraved since it’s made out of aluminum, although Hand Design doesn’t offer that service themselves.

Unfortunately, the Hand Stylus isn’t perfect, as the tip isn’t as responsive as I think it should be. Sometimes what I write doesn’t appear, and the tip is more flexible than what I think is intended. And it’s fortunate that the tip is replaceable, as I found that it started to show signs of wear sooner than I would have expected.

Regardless, the Hand Stylus is great for accurate touchscreen writing, and I recommend it to those who frequently use their iPhone or iPad for that purpose.

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Provides: Touchscreen input
DeveloperHand Design
Compatibility: Any touchscreen device
Price: $29.95
Availability: Out now

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