Save the world in Chaos on Deponia

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Chaos on Deponia's junkyard

Daedalic Entertainment revealed the teaser to their upcoming game Chaos on Deponia, the second episode in the Deponia trilogy.

In Chaos on Deponia, Rufus lives on a giant scrapyard planet named Deponia underneath the hovering city of Elysium. After making his way to Elysium he runs into Goal and they both fall down to Deponia. Rufus learns that the Elysian Council gave the order to demolish Deponia and to save his home he has to protect Goal who can stop the explosion.

Unfortunately Goal’s brain implant got damaged in the fall and to repair it Rufus and Goal went to the Black Market. After some complications Goal’s mind split into three different personalities which makes keeping her safe very hard.

Chaos on Deponia is a point and click adventure with lots of great voice acting, inventory management, exploration, funny characters, and more.

Chaos on Deponia’s website has more information about the story and characters. You can also like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

Chaos on Deponia will be available on November 6th on Steam for Mac and PC.

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