Isaac Newton’s Gravity 2 now available on iOS

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Isaac Newton's Gravity 2Isaac Newton’s Gravity 2—a brain-teasing physics-based game—is now available on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Your goal in the game is to manipulate objects to guide a ball towards the red button to advance to the next level. You’ll use physics elements to do this, including magnets, trampolines, air vents, switches, and pinball-style bumpers. Players who get stumped can get tips from fellow gamers and give help to others using the enhanced community features.

After you’ve conquered the included levels you can use the level editor to make your own and share them with your friends and the community.

Isaac Newton’s Gravity 2 features:

  • New physics elements: magnets, trampolines, air vents, switches, and pinball-styled bumpers.
  • Enhanced community features allow for player discussions.
  • Levels organized into chapters to encourage player progression.
  • 12 sandboxes that are unlocked with the completion of each chapter.
  • In-app purchases: 2 levels packs of 50 levels each, hints, skip levels, and community points.

You can get the first 10 levels of Isaac Newton’s Gravity 2 at the App Store for free for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 3.2 or later. An additional 100 levels are available through in-app purchases.

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