Americans spent $5.9 billion on iPhone repair

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Third-party warranty provider Squaretrade has released a series of infographics which claim that, according to their study, iPhone owners have spent $5.9 billion on repairs. The graphics go on to claim that accidental damage is ten times more common than loss or theft, and that the most common ways to damage an iPhone are dropping it from your hand (30%), immersing it in liquid (18%), having it fall out of your lap (13%), knocking it off a table (11%), and spilling liquid on it (9%).

Significantly, a Squaretrade warranty (full disclosure: I have a Squaretrade warranty for my iPhone), does not cover theft but does cover damage by liquid. Apple does not cover liquid damage.

The three infographics were posted to the Squaretrade Facebook page, but you can view the rest of the set below.

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