Passbook “Cannot connect to iTunes Store” workaround

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Downloading the iOS 6 update was no problem earlier today. 16 minutes on the iPad, 33 immediately thereafter on the iPhone. Getting everything to work, however, is another. I was eager to test the new Passbook functionality, but couldn’t get it actually, you know, do anything. Launching the app tells you what it can do—storing your boarding passes, tickets, customer loyalty cards and coupons in one convenient place—but doesn’t do any of it.

This is because you need apps that support these features. The App Store button at the bottom of the window is supposed to take you to Passbook compatible apps, but it’s been having trouble connecting all day.

Passbook iTunes Connection Error Workaround

So, to actually see Passbook in action, you’re going to need to do one of two things: wait for Apple’s servers to quit getting hammered with iOS 6 downloads, or try this workaround I found posted on the Apple Support Community Forum:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap “General,” then scroll down to “Date & Time” and tap it.
  3. Switch “Set Automatically” to OFF.
  4. Tap “Set Date & Time.”
Passbook iTunes Connection Error Workaround
  1. Tap today’s date, then set it to one year in the future (if you get warning messages here, you can ignore them…apps should fix themselves when you switch “Set Automatically” back to ON).
  2. Exiting Settings, and launch Passbook and tap “App Store.”

That should do it. You may still get the error, but don’t close the app. Just bypass it, and you’ll see the list of apps that support Passbook’s functionality. It’s not an impressive list at the moment, but it’ll grow.

Passbook iTunes Connection Error Workaround

Once you’ve got what you need, go back to settings and switch “Set Automatically” back on.

Thanks to Demo in the Apple Support Community for providing the answer…even though he/she’s a Steelers fan.

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  • Randy

    The apps download but not in Passbook’. I guess we’ll have to wait for Apple to solve the issue.

  • Katie C

    Oh lord, thank youuuuuuuuuuu!

  • John

    It no longet displays the cannot connect message, but now just shows a blank page in the App Store. Does it only work in the u.s.?

  • Alison

    I can’t believe that actually worked!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    (Oh, and it’s okay that she’s a Steeler’s fan. At least she’s not a Dolphins fan! LOL)

  • Jan

    It worked! Thank you so much. You are a genius!

  • Randy

    Again, while it works, nothing shows up in passbook. How do you get them to load into Passbook?

  • Jo

    It worked. Thank you:)

  • Dean

    The iTunes Store is extremely busy right now, since the iPhone 5 just came out. If you are getting this code on the iP5, just hit search at the bottom of the iTunes Store screen and things will appear as normal. This annoying message should disappear in a few days.

  • Wendy

    Having same issue but fix did not work for me

  • sparksta

    also not fixing it here.

  • Klaus Feldam

    Thanks for the tip, but still having the same issue. Rebooted – still no change. Any advise would be appreciated.

  • Kayb

    Thank you sooooooo much!