Gumdrop Drop Tech: Protect your new iPhone 5

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You got up at midnight to preorder it. You counted down first the days, then the hours, minutes, and finally seconds until the package containing your brand new, taller, faster, drool-worthy iPhone 5 arrived. Now that it is finally here, how are you going to protect the newest member of your iFamily? With the industrial-grade strength of Gumdrop’s Drop Tech case for the iPhone 5.

Gum Drop Tech Series iPhone 5 case

Industrial Grade

Appletell got an advance sample of GumDrop’s latest case, and to call it anything less than sturdy or rugged is a massive understatement. This case features a rigid internal plastic frame and thick, shock-absorbing, grippable silicone on the outside. The chevron tire tread pattern on the back of the case is what really makes the Drop Tech easy to hold onto, while lending a certain “let’s explore the wilderness” aura to your device. Take no notice of the screenshot’s incorrect home screen—this case is too tall to fit an iPhone 4/4S, Gum Drop just didn’t get around to ‘shopping in an iPhone 5’s extra row of icons.

Featuring an integrated screen cover and reinforced rubber corners to protect your iPhone from all angles, the Drop Tech for iPhone 5 offers serious protection for the most challenging environments. Priced at $45, the Drop Tech for iPhone 5 is a solid investment if you need the power of the iPhone but need something a little bit less delicate. Grab it over at Gumdrop’s website.

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