Starbucks promises update to support Passbook

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With the Apple’s latest iOS 6 update, it included the new Passbook feature that lets users store and access electronic versions of their tickets, retailer cards, and vouchers within one convenient place. However, Passbook met with lot of criticism upon launch due to the lack of apps that actually support it and its inability to connect to the iTunes store.

The number of supporting apps will improve over time, of course, as evidenced by Starbucks revealing on their official Twitter account that an update is already planned for the end of this month. The update will bring Passbook compatibility, giving its users the ability to view and redeem Starbucks store cards at any of their retail store locations.

In a demo at WWDC 2012 in June, Scott Forstall, promoted the new iOS 6 Passbook feature by using Starbucks as an example. Companies that supported Passbook upon the launch of iOS 6 included Target, American Airlines and United Airlines.

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