Jorno, the world’s smallest folding Bluetooth keyboard

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This just in from the Kickstarter community: the world’s smallest folding Bluetooth keyboard. Measuring a mere 1.2 by 3.5 inches when folded, the Jorno can turn any mobile device into a portable writing powerhouse.


When folded, the Jorno clocks it at no bigger than your palm, making it an easy companion to your ultralight iPhone or iPad (or one of those…other…smartphone/tablet devices). It features a detachable cradle that can hold your device in portrait or landscape, so you can turn your device into an email or note-taking powerhouse. No wires are needed, as the keyboard pairs via Bluetooth for convenience. This means you can use it with your portable devices or a desk-bound computer, and the battery is charged via a Micro USB port.


The Jorno’s killer feature is its five-way folding design, which ensures the smallest possible footprint for the keyboard when not in use (lugging around a full size keyboard obviously negates the advantage of ditching your laptop in the first place). The keyboard features a rigid design that absorbs pressure and prevents the keyboard from collapsing even if you type on your lap, so you can truly take it anywhere.

The Jorno is live on Kickstarter, and is currently funded at just over $36,000 of the $100,000 goal. You can pick one up starting at the $79.00 level, and the Kickstarter period is open until October 17th.

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