Now Shipping: GoSmart Clip for iPhone

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As previously reviewed here on Appletell, GoSmart’s tools for iPhone and iPad are impressive. Add to that bunch the new GoSmart clip, designed to provide an easy and elegant solution for travel, sport, and general hands-free viewing of your iPhone, whether you use it as for navigation, entertainment, or as a digital shopping list.

The GoSmart Clip started off as an idea for a convenient way to mount your phone in the car for handsfree calling and navigation, but it evolved into a handy tool even even outside the car. Featuring an elastic strap, the GoSmart clip attaches with no tools and will fit most smartphones. There are no exact dimensions, but your phone must be between 4 and 5 inches long and less than .75 inches thick (which easily covers the majority of today’s smartphones).

Any time you could use a third hand to hold your phone while you are busy, the GoSmart Clip has you covered. Use it:

  • In the car, for handsfree calling or GPS & navigation
  • In the kitchen, as a recipe book
  • While traveling, to hold your iPhone to your luggage
  • Working out, to keep your phone secure while you exercise off that extra helping of pie (or the junk food you brought to sustain you in line for the iPhone 5)
  • While shopping, to keep your list handy on your cart
  • In the car, attached to a headrest for the perfect back-seat entertainment

The GoSmart Clip is available immediately for $25. It comes with a lifetime warranty, so you should be able to use this little accessory with many generations of devices.

Check it out at GoSmart’s website.

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