The iPhone 5 survives this year’s drop test

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iPhone 5 Drop Test

Apple has been touting the iPhone 5’s thinner, lighter construction, as well as the larger 4-inch display. It sounds great, but this also has may iPhone owners worried about its durability.

Several companies have posted promotional videos of themselves performing stress tests on the iPhone 5. iFixYouri put the iPhone 5 through a series of drop tests to see how well it fared compared to the iPhone 4S, which last year failed the drop test with a shattered back glass panel and some external damages in the process.

Whereas the iPhones 4 and 4S had many questionable performances in droppability with their all-glass-covered chassis, the iPhone 5 did a lot better. It appears that the black aluminum shell of the iPhone 5 withstood the drop impact, and the glass protecting the display proved to be more durable.

Even when dropped face down the iPhone 5’s display survived the fall from the waist. It took about head-high drop for the glass to show any sign of strain.

iFixYouri describes Apple’s new iPhone 5 as the “most durable iPhone” they’ve ever seen.

Via [iFixYouri]

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