Apple launches four new iPhone 5 TV commercials

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iPhone 5 ad - thumb

The iPhone 5 hit stores yesterday, and Apple began airing the first TV commercials to advertise its capabilities. The company’s newest  TV spots focus on the iPhone 5’s bigger 4″ screen display, the new panorama camera feature in iOS 6, and also on the newly designed EarPods that come with every new Apple handset.

The first TV ad is labeled “Thumb.” It explains why Apple it makes more sense to go with the 4″ display. The new TV ad pokes fun at the larger Android phones that run on Google’s operating system.

The second TV ad is simply titled “Cheese.” It showcases the new panorama feature found in iOS 6. The narrator actually becomes part of the scene, leading a group of children dressed in costumes to line up as the panoramic photo is taken and processed while they all say “Cheese” at the same time.

The third commercial is called “Physics.” It explains the thin new design of the iPhone 5, with the narrator asking, “There are laws to physics, right?” and “How can something get bigger, and smaller?”

The fourth commercial, named “Ears,” touts the new EarPods that are designed to fit better in the ears. The first seconds of the TV ad starts off by stating that the human “ears are weird,” and that headphones should be “ear-shaped” instead of round, “so, you know, they fit in your ears.”

The new TV Apple commercials were posted on the Apple’s official YouTube channel and on the Apple’s website.

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