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Only a LAD, you really can’t blame him…it’s time for a walk on the dark side.

What is it?

LAD is a puzzle game with a dark atmosphere and darker graphics. Navigate through your world to make it to the next door while trying to figure yourself out (sounds a bit like some psych majors I knew in college).


How does it work?

The controls are pretty simple—touch the side of the screen towards which you want your Lad to move. If you want him to jump, simply tap the opposite side of the screen while holding your finger on the side he’s moving toward. Navigate and/or rearrange the obstacles so you can make it to the door without falling to your death. You can jump, push crates around, etc.


A word of caution with the crate pushing thing; I shoved one crate on top of another, and the game considered them locked together. I was unable to push them apart and use them as they were intended for that round, so I had to start over. Not very helpful game physics.

The graphics are black and white and on the dark side, and by dark I mean dim with low contrast. Turning up the brightness to full will help, but the details are still not as clear as they could be.


Is it contagious?

I’m not convinced this one is really contagious. The “poor me” youth angst thing is a bit worn. The puzzles do require some thought to get the setup just right so you don’t die. The visuals are evocative, but not quite clear enough. If a couple of the gameplay issues are cleared up (and a control update is in the works), this could be an interesting game. Until then, I’ll pass.

Category: Games
Seller: Black Chair Games
Cost: $0.99
Download: LAD  (LAD HD available for iPad)

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