Appidemic: GridBlock for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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GridBlock by 2K Play is a digital take on the old game of tilting BBs to fill the holes. This version provides more variety and some interesting graphics.

What is it?

What you have in your hands is a puzzle game that looks a bit like Tron and offers several levels to keep you busy.


Of course, it also includes the ever-popular “unlock new levels” feature.

How does it work?

The app works with the accelerometer (universal app) so no buttons or twiddle thumb skills are required. The playing surface behaves a bit like a smooth ice sheet, so once the blocks start moving they can pick up speed quickly. The basic goals are to collect the tokens and match the cubes to the color coded squares on the game board as quickly as possible. Tip your iDevice to start the cubes sliding around. Tap the board to make the cubes flip so the correct color is face up. You can also use the tap to make the cubes jump over certain obstacles.


The game will provide everything from an open field to a near maze-like configuration with obstacles ranging from walls to explosive blocks.

Is it contagious?

If you enjoyed the BBs game back the day, this digital version will offer some fun reminiscing. If you just enjoy the challenge of making stuff slide around to get it where you want it, then GridBlock will be worth checking out.

Overall, this game was fun to play, and required just enough planning to be a bit of a challenge when coupled with the time pressure. Not bad…have fun with this one.

Category: Games
Seller: 2K Play
Cost: Free ($2.99 to unlock full game)
Download: GridBlock

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