Google Maps has not been submitted to the App Store

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Ever since Apple replaced Google Maps as the default map service in iOS 6, many iPhone owners have been hoping Google will release an official application like their standalone YouTube app. Several earlier rumors said the app was already under review by Apple, but according to Google, that’s not the case.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt speaking at a media event confirmed that Google Maps for iOS hasn’t been submitted to Apple. Schmidt stated the company hasn’t “done anything yet,” though they are in talks with Apple.

Schmidt also commented on Apple’s decision to move away from using Google Maps, stating, “We think it would have been better if they had kept ours, but it’s their call.”

While this is disappointing news for iOS 6 users, it should only be a matter of time before we get to see Google Maps on the App Store.

Apple has promised that Maps in iOS 6 will improve as people use it. Reports indicate that Apple has added a button to the app that will allow users to report any erroneous data they might find within Maps.

Via [Reuters]

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  • MrBass

    Shame on You Apple!!!!
    If Steve Jobs was never will happen to
    Dissapoint so many clients with
    Google Maps & also You Tube!
    Shame on You!!!!