Arcane Legends introduces Battle Pet companions

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Spacetime's Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends, the upcoming swords-and-sorcery action-adventure game from Spacetime Studios, will have a pet system that makes the combat more meaningful.

Pets can help you in combat by attacking enemies, support you by making you stronger, and gather loot. For example, dragon pets soar around his master, swoop down on enemies and blast them with arcane fireballs while providing fire protection. As you progress through the game, your pets also increase in power.

Which pet you use depends on its combat abilities and bonuses and how well it fits your play style. There will be approximately 40 pets with a wide variety of behaviors and skills at launch, with a steady stream of additional pets in future expansions similar to the live update activities in the other Legends games.

“The inclusion of a meaningful and fully interactive pet system is a major step for the mobile MMO genre,” said Gary Gattis, CEO, Spacetime Studios. “We set out to create an emotional relationship with a significant gameplay mechanic. In Arcane Legends, pets are a major aspect of the character’s identity, growth and capabilities.”

Kirk Hiner talked to Spacetime Studios at E3 2012 and has many details on Arcane Legends. You can also go to Arcane Legends website to sign up for email updates and like their Facebook page.

Arcane Legends will be coming out in Fall 2012 for iOS, Android, and Chrome.

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